In today’s changing media landscape, news organisations globally are facing greater challenges than ever before. Broken business models, audience fragmentation, changing legislature, and surging misinformation have contributed to the current crises in the news and information ecosystem. 

At Asian Dispatch, we are working towards solutions, powered by deeper collaborations, communities of action, and worthwhile conversations that put the spotlight on Asian newsrooms. Beyond the stereotypes dominating news stories from the Asian continent – poverty, crime, corruption, border rivalries, poor leadership and conflict – we aim to empower Asian newsrooms to tell their unique stories in their own compelling voice through a web of newsrooms and journalists across borders. 

Asia is a dynamic, diverse, and growing continent covering more than 48 countries showcasing different cultures and languages. The need of the hour is to champion collective, watchdog, nuanced, and contemporary storytelling that resonates with today’s readers and audiences. 

Our Mission, at Asian Dispatch, is to build a robust, independent, pan-Asia public interest digital journalism newsroom and network to unite voices across the region. We seek to amplify the visibility and reach of diverse Asian stories and experiences.  

We plan to host a biennial Asian media festival to recognise and celebrate stellar journalistic work in the region. It’s about time Asian media claims its rightful space in the evolving global media industry. 

Let’s start by building a space that fosters collaboration and inspires new conversations. Asian Dispatch is where Asian stories come alive. 


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