Asian Dispatch is building a pan-Asia network of newsrooms to strengthen journalism in the region. It will do so through a combination of collaborative reporting and storytelling, resource and knowledge sharing.

    We are calling all interested newsrooms in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Philippines, Bhutan, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Cambodia, China and South Korea to apply to be a part of this network.

    Before filling out the application form, please ensure that you meet these requirements:
    1. You are in an editorial/managerial position at a newsroom in one of the countries listed above.
    2. English is one of the primary languages of publication at your newsroom.
    3. Your publication focuses partly or wholly on deep-dive investigative reporting, or intends to do so in the near future.
    4. The digital version of your publication is a primary focus i.e. a commitment to using multimedia formats of storytelling on digital platforms.

    Separate from core membership, we are also interested in developing partnerships with European newsrooms and media organisations who will act as Associate Members and assist in our collaborative work. We will issue a separate call for applications for European partners over the next few months, and for freelance journalists in Asia.

    What are we offering?

    • Collaborative Reporting Projects: Participation in cross-border, long-form, and investigative reporting projects focusing on issues pertinent to Asian communities.

    • Visibility to a Global Audience: Members can access cross-publishing opportunities to promote their regional reporting to a global audience.

    • Pan-Asia Network Access: Gain exclusive access to a network of newsrooms, editors, and reporters across Asia within the Asian Dispatch community- fostering mutual growth, learning, and collaboration opportunities.

    • Exclusive Training Workshops: Exclusive access to hands-on training workshops by global experts on themes such as digital transformation, audience engagement, leadership, data and investigative journalism, factchecking and preparedness programs like HEFAT.

    What are we expecting?

    • Participate in Collaborative Reporting Projects: An opportunity to look beyond your country and connect the dots on pertinent issues affecting the region through cross-border reportage with Asian Dispatch members.

    • Share Reporting Insights: Contribute stories from their existing newsroom endeavours to Asian Dispatch for cross publishing to create a repository of the best reportage from Asia.

    • Regional Support: Promote Asian Dispatch initiatives in their country to support the cause ofindependent and collaborative journalism in Asia.


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